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Home Design Software Comparison

The market for home design software has definitely grown over the past few years. The demand for do-it-yourself designer programs have increased and software developers have responded by coming out with loads of applications to choose from. Below are some of the more popular home design software in the market as well as a brief description for each.

Instant Architect

Instant Architect is a home design software designed and developed by IMSI Design. It is a CAD or computer-aided design program that caters to beginners. Although it may not have all the high tech features offered by most of its competitors, this program is still able to deliver useable outputs.

Creating floor plans, multi-perspective views, cost estimations, and the designing of gardens, bathrooms, kitchens, decks, and entire houses are all available on Instant Architect. Novice users will definitely have a ball using this program as inspiring elevation drawings can be completed I as little as an hour. It also happens to be very affordable; users can purchase the entire box kit for only around $30.

Home & Landscape Pro

Another CAD program developed by IMSI Design is Home & Landscape Pro. Compared to Instant Architect, this particular program is designed for the more advanced users. With a whole lot more features on board, users can come up with landscape designs, cost estimates, floor plans, as well as impressive 3D illustrations using Home & Landscape Pro.

While it does have its share of highly advanced and complicated features, this program can still be used by novice designers. The user manual included in the kit is very helpful and so long as it is reviewed thoroughly, users should be able to make use of a majority of the functionalities included in this program. However, interested parties will need to shell out a lot more money for Home & Landscape Pro as it retails for around $130 dollars online.

Home Designer Suite

Last, but definitely not least, on our list is a product of the team up between Better Homes & Gardens and Chief Architect Inc. The result is a masterful design program which is simply called Home Designer Suite. Basically, this program is an incorporated collection of cutting edge software tools that will help users design landscapes, bathrooms, kitchens, various rooms, and even entire households. Included in its expansive database is over 1,500 different sample plans, image galleries, design tips, as well as a myriad of simplified versions of CAD tools used by actual pros. The Home Designer Suite can be purchased for around $100 online.


Designer Kitchens: A Fusion of Functionality, Good Taste and Style

Designer kitchens are built not only for the sole purpose of having a meal preparation and cooking area. Most modern kitchens of today are equipped for entertaining friends and relatives and a place where family members can enjoy an informal chat.

More and more designer kitchens are built combining and mixing function, utility, beauty, good taste and style. It is a workspace where everything is balanced for both efficiency and comfort. Kitchen fittings and fixtures alone exudes a designer feel starting from the cabinetry design and positioning, the worktops' shape and color, the uniqueness of the sink, appliances and the exquisite looking taps as well.

Today we see many types and design of kitchens are featured and advertised in print, TV ads or on the Internet. Most people are considering having modular kitchens as the means to put a touch of luxurious style and show their exquisite tastes. Also, more and more futuristic furnishings are coming out in the market today making it so easy to purchase what you need to match well with your desired theme. The only way to ensure that you will succeed in building your very own designer kitchen is to acquire the services of professional kitchen builders.

It is very important that you know what you want and need in order for you to come up with a kitchen design and layout that will make you happy and satisfied. Once you have chosen a professional kitchen designer, discuss all the details that you want included as well as your family's requirements. You may also want to discuss the features you want to add in your new kitchen to make it more functional like cutlery holders, wall mounted cupboards, pull down racks, warming drawers, etc. These are often overlooked but if you build a well thought of kitchen, you will surely have that dream kitchen. Installing kitchen cabinets that's been properly designed to cater to your needs is a fantastic idea so as to keep the area clutter free and organized at all times. Be sure to take the correct dimensions so you can arrange all your kitchen stuff in a neat way.

Interior decoration today focuses on the minimalist look. Most kitchen builders are now into using subdued colors on walls, cabinets and appliances. Lighter or bright colors may be employed to make the kitchen look more spacious. Another important aspect that a kitchen owner should note is the proper lighting. Since the kitchen is considered as the busiest working area in every home, there should be adequate lighting not only to enhance the overall look of the kitchen but to provide good lighting. You must also choose the correct flooring materials for your kitchen especially if you have small kids at home. Ensure to use the non-slip types of tiles to avoid mishaps. Safety should always be of primary concern when planning to build a new kitchen. Seek advise from an excellent and reputable designer kitchens.


Handicapped Home Plans: Why Cookie-Cutter Housing Isn’t for Everyone

Driving through some neighborhoods, it's striking to see the rows of houses, all identical, lined up like soldiers in uniforms. This kind of neighborhood can be found without too much effort these days. A house, that may be nice looking on its own, copied and pasted all the way down the street, close enough together that the residents can almost knock on each other's bedroom windows. This cookie-cutter home design is fine for some, but we're not identical, so why should we live in identical houses? If you're a person with a physical disability, a cookie-cutter home will almost certainly not have what you need to live in maximum possible ease and comfort. This is where Handicapped Home Plans comes in.

Whereas one individual might like the spacious feeling of high ceilings, the echoes it creates may make communication difficult for someone with imperfect hearing. Not to mention the sounds of traffic and children that can penetrate thin windows as if they were just square holes in the walls. Home Plans can cut that noise.

While one individual may like the storage created by cabinets beneath the counters, those cabinets can really get in the way of someone who's using a wheelchair. And a cramped bathroom goes from being a minor annoyance to a major obstacle when you've got limited mobility. Handicapped Home can clear those obstacles.

And while shiny counters and chrome sinks may look beautiful to person A, person B, with vision impairment, is assaulted by the glare these surfaces create. Eyestrain is unhealthy, and can cause severe headaches, and badly-lit rooms can be downright dangerous. Handicapped Plans can keep you safe.

While some will create homes with the assumption that one size can fit all, Handicapped Home Plans begins with the assumption that the house you plan to spend the rest of your life in should fit you like a glove, or a tailored suit. Home Plans takes everything into consideration, from the position of the doors, to the spacing of the floor tiles, to the color and texture of the wallpaper, in creating a home that isn't made for just anyone. It's made for you. Whether you're in the bathroom, the kitchen, or the back yard, the goal of Handicapped Plans is to let you go through your day without undue stress about things that ought to be routine.

The person designing your specialized home will talk to you, and get a clear picture of your needs and what is a hindrance in your current home. Give them your own ideas, or even a floor plan you've scribbled on a napkin, and let the Handicapped Home Plans experts lay out the details. And, before long, you could be pulling into the driveway of a house that's as individual as you are.

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